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Project Management

The best solution is provided through each step of the plant lifecycle

SCEC provides optimal engineering in all stages from FS (feasibility study) to maintenance based on SCEC's highly reliable project management system throughout the entire lifecycle of the plant. SCEC's extensive know- how acquired through the execution of numerous projects is a major source of strength in providing idealsolutions in the early phase of projects such as FS, and design. SCEC's highly experienced team of engineers imple- ments safe and reliable construction work, and its global procurement network ensures that the client's plant totally reflects its design concepts.
In the area of maintenance, proactive measures include suggesting improvements, which always reflect the latest trends in the industry in terms of operability, cost and environmental factors. The valuable knowledge SCEC accumulates during day-to-day operations is incorporated in the design of new plants.

1. Planning

FS (Feasibility study)/ Planning & Consulting/ Proposal Submission

SCEC participates in project planning from the client's project conceptual stage. SCEC undertakes surveys and studies matched to the needs of the client from business planning to concrete project basic planning. Appropriate advice and data are provided to the client to facilitate faster decision-making.

2. Engineering (Design)

Basic design, detailed design, design management and compilation of documentation for submission to the government

Basic design, covering the overall layout and the basic equipment specifications is decided from a comprehensive viewpoint including cost, operability and safety. Detailed design/engineering such as equipment, piping, electrical work, instrumentation, civil engineering and construction works are carried out while adhering to the ideas developed in the basic design phase.

3. Procurement

Selection of vendor & order placement, process control, quality control and inspections

SCEC's procurement networks in Japan and overseas analyze the global market and identify vendors who meet the project's requirements.

4. Construction

Work planning & implementation,process control, quality control,and safety control

SCEC has highly experienced work supervisors and specialist technicians. Construction work is implemented with diligent planning identifying critical paths under an integrated responsibility of project management system.

5. Commissioning

Commissioning training

After completion of construction work, a mechanical performance test is carried out to confirm the performance of the plant. During commissioning, the client's operators are given comprehensive training. SCEC works closely with the operational staff of the owner to ensure smooth operation and takeover.

6. Maintenance

Modification work, inspection & testing and equipment diagnostics

At the client's request, SCEC carries out modification work, statutory inspections, testing and equipment diagnostics.

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